Friday, December 19, 2014

Marvin X thanks medical team who repaired his left eye

Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland--the most dangerous classroom in the world: the Oscar Grant rebellion, Occupy Oakland and protests against police murders under the color of law in Ferguson and New York City occurred in his classroom. Academy of da Corner will be part of the Black Arts Movement District the City of Oakland will declare in January, 2015. Noted author Ishmael Reed says, "If you want to learn about motivation and inspiration, don't spend all that money going to workshops and seminars, just go stand at 14th and Broadway and watch Marvin X at work. He's Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland." On February 7, Oakland's Laney College will hold the first Bay Area celebration of the Black Arts Movement's 50th Anniversary. A book fair will begin at Noon, Open Mike Poetry, 2pm, Panel on Black Arts/Black Power Babies, 4pm, 6pm Reception in the Art Gallery, 8pm, Performance in the Odell Johnson Theatre of Marvin X with the Black Arts Movement Poet's Choir & Arkestra, with special guests from the BAM. For more information, please go to or the Oakland Post News Group. The second leg of the BAM 27 City Tour will be at Merritt College, Feb 11-13, 2015. BAM is planning celebrations in Berkeley, Richmond, Palo Alto and San Jose. If you or your institution or venue would like BAM 27 to visit your city, please call 510-200-4164 or email a letter of invitation to
photo Adam Turner

Marvin X thanks the medical team of Dr. Soraya Rofagha and Dr. Leonardo Dacanay who removed a dislocated lens and implanted a new one in his left eye. We also thank the nurses for their kind treatment at Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley CA.  We thank all those who prayed for me to have a successful operation. Al Hamdulilah!

Peace and Love,
Marvin X, Project Director
Black Arts Movement 50th Anniversary
27 City Tour

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BAM Book Fair at Laney College, Sat., February 7

There will be a book fair at Laney College as part of the Black Arts Movement's 50th Anniversary, We are especially interested in authors with writings that express Black consciousness or radical themes such as the liberation of North American Africans from the addiction to white supremacy mythology. If you are an author interested in participating, let me hear from you at the earliest. The vendor fee is $50.00 for self published authors and a donation of five copies for give-away to the needy, including the incarcerated behind walls and those mentally incarcerated out here in the big yard. Institutional publishers fee $200.00 and donation of fifty books for the poor.  Contact Marvin X at Call 510-200-4164. Our last book fair was the San Francisco Tenderloin Black Radical Book Fair, 2004.




Cuban 5 free

This morning, breaking news on all news agencies says that our three brothers, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, and Antonio Guerrero are free!!! According to the news, Alan Gross is flying back to the United States now, and President Obama will be speaking at about noon today, Eastern time, to announce that and further developments.

INCREDIBLE NEWS! This is a very short notice, just to let everyone know of this GREAT GREAT VICTORY! 
Stay tuned for more details! 

This victory is possible because of the years of struggle of the strength and determination of our brothers Gerardo, Antonio, Ramon, Fernando and Rene, and all the Cuban people, the struggle of people in the United States and around the world, of all the efforts to demand justice and freedom for the Cuban FIVE! The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five congratulates our brothers and the Cuban people in their victory! 16 Years of imprisonment could not break their spirit!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Laney College President Elnora Tena Webb, Ph.D., in partnership with Black Arts Movement 50th Anniversary

 Laney College President Dr. Elnora T. Webb and BAM producer Marvin X

Marvin X secured a partnership agreement with  President Elnora T. Webb, Ph.D., of Oakland's Laney College to produce the opening leg of the 27 City Tour of the Black Arts Movement's 50th Anniversary. The gala opening will be Saturday, February 7, 2015, featuring an exhibit of art by San Quentin Prison inmates, in partnership with BAM and the Post News Group's Isaiah 61 Project. The Laney College event will include a performance by the BAM Poet's Choir and Arkestra, with special guests from the Black Arts Movement. There will also be a book fair with local authors associated with the Black Arts Movement. The  event will include a panel discussion with BAM babies and parents. For more information, please call  Marvin X 510-200-4164,

Oakland Protests, led by Blacks, supported by Asians and Whites, close down Pig Headquarters

Protesters chain themselves to Oakland police HQ; 25 arrested

Protesters arrested after chaining themselves to police headquarters
Protesters block Oakland police headquarters
Twenty-five protesters were arrested Monday after they chained themselves to doors and a flagpole at the Oakland Police Department headquarters.
The demonstrators were protesting killings by police in New York and Missouri, including the slayings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

A live-stream video via Blackout Collective shows demonstrators blocking a doorway outside the headquarters and singing, “Calling out the violence of the racist police” as they were taken into custody by officers.
Oakland police said Monday afternoon that 25 people had been arrested on suspicion of obstructing and blocking a public safety building and delaying a police officer.
One protester climbed a flagpole and raised a banner, which protesters said commemorated men and women killed by police. Protesters chained shut four of the building's entrances and then chained themselves to the doors.

"Three of these doors are our main ingress and egress for the public and Oakland Police Department personnel," police said in a statement. "As a result, the public could not access important police services, such as reporting crimes, obtaining public records, accessing necessary paperwork for vehicle impound releases and property releases."

Using a pair of cutters, officers cut chains from the protesters and removed them from the front doors of the police headquarters, which had been sealed shut.

A woman filming the demonstrations said on live video that 100 protesters had been marching through the rain-soaked streets of Oakland since 7:30 a.m. She tweeted, "I repeat OPD is shut down!!!"

Elsewhere, Oakland police said a dozen protesters were chained to one another and were blocking the intersection of Broadway and 7th Street. Protesters also were chained together on the northbound Interstate 880 at Broadway, closing access to the freeway ramp.
The Oakland police's hostage negotiating team was on hand to deal with  protesters.